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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Wings" Takes Flight

WINGS, A new series of imaginative  paintings will  open this July 8 at the Prism Gallery on Saturna Island. Let your own wings take flight... come if you can.
from painting by Janet Strayer wwww.janetstrayer.com

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Through the PRISM: So it Flows

I thought I'd share photos of the PRISM gallery on Saturna Island, where I'm spending my weekends.

enter to see the Flow, collection of paintings by Janet Strayer

It's been lively with visitors for Flow, the inaugural show -- which will continue through the Canada Day weekend. The gallery is so small, I decided to take photos of how things look before opening time.

Flow paintings by Janet Strayer at PRISM gallery

On the right-hand wall (above, and close-up below) is one of the paintings from the show that has drawn considerable attention (and sold).

 Tectonic Shift triptych , by Janet Strayer
People seem very interested in the techniques used across several works. A number of artists have sailed in (literally) and come to chat.

Here are some shots of what's been installed :

Flow paintings by Janet Strayer on walls of PRISM gallery

Connecting Green by Janet Strayer on  gallery wall

Flow paintings  by Janet Strayer on PRISM wall

Flow paintings by Janet Strayer on walls of inner room, PRISM gallery

It's fun for me to be sitting in the far-room (the inner room in photo) and listening to people's reactions as they wander through the corridors of paintings. Very cool.

Then, there's the ice cream next door, ....  and that might have something to do with it, too.

Some of the paintings have sold, but the run on the ice cream has been incredible!

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