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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Two Thanksgivings

The end of a season has come. Summer is over. Not just by the calendar's reckoning, but more significantly so by all the season's changes you see in island life. It feels both a bit sad and also welcome.

The days are much shorter, with the shift seeming much more sudden the further north you get. It's nearly dark when I walk down the hill from my studio to the house these days --  in contrast to the natural light that used to guide my steps as late as 9 p.m. just a short time ago. No more eating nearly all our meals outdoors (I particularly love outdoor breakfasts). The autumn chill and wet air have come to settle in. The birds are scarce, except for the ever-present ravens. The wind-capped sea is a beautiful  paynes-grey/ultramarine instead of the shining, calm shimmer of teal and reflected summertime skylight.

 painting by Janet Strayer
My garden of lush roses is down to the last one, a triumphantly brave reminder that things need to be appreciated while they're here.The generous crops are now scraggly with only those that can endure the loss of sunshine hours. The rains are beginning, a welcome end to the fires that have ravaged the mainland, east of the shoreline. But the graying rains tend to take over, like a welcome guest who extends her stay much too long.

The swarm of  tourists filling the ferries has also abated after Labor Day, and I now make the trip with lots of room to spare. Both good and bad.

With the warm season's end,  the PRISM gallery will close as well after the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. It's a fitting time to close the season on this very first run of this little gallery, so different from big-time galleries in big-time cities. This little gallery on this little island has been rather a sweet spot. It's offered a welcome, a respite, a surprise, a delight, an interesting spot to stop for many passers-by and ferry-waiters, as well as for the more intentional art-appreciator. Should we perhaps tag the former as "accidental" art-appreciators?

It's  been great fun for me (unseen behind a wall until those entering turn a corner) hearing their  uncensored comments as they walk the halls looking at the work. I've been positively bouyed by all the high-exclamation positive reactions. And the negative ones have been so few and so funny. No one has had anything mean or cutting to remark.... not yet. And the sales have been reasonably good. Even the Outrageous Tweeter garners some chuckles here.

But I'll be happy to regain the time I've spent working in the gallery."Fall-back", as we say to remember the changing of our clocks. So I will do.

And I'll get to celebrate two Thanksgivings. That's a benefit of dual Canadian-US citizenship: you get to have Thanksgiving twice: in October and in November. It's probably my favorite holiday of them all.

May we each have something to be thankful for.